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First Corps Address

Post by Forge04 on Sat Jan 23, 2016 2:28 am

Greeting 4th Corps!

It's with great pleasure that I'm able to write this to you all, as the 4th Corps is again a guild tag amongst the player base of Neverwinter. As of this writing we're sitting at 50/150 accounts on our roster. Now, some of those are from "the old guard", players who were with the Corps over a year ago. I'm giving them tons of opportunity to come back and see the Corps is back up and running. That said, I will only keep them on for a little while longer. While I appreciate history and loyalty, this is a new age for our Corps.

Now to business. Ranks are as follows:
Private: Brand new to the Corps.
Sergeant (majority of membership): Promoted after one month of dedicated service to the Corps. Can start official events.
First Sergeant: Used to show a Corpsman trusted by the leadership. Able to invite new membership to the Corps. Also can promote and demote those of a lower rank.
Company Command: For those taking on the first level of administrative duties.
Division Command: For those leading a full third of the Corps, these Corpsmen are also on the council, taking feedback from the membership and voicing it in leadership meetings.
Executive Officer: The second in command of the 4th Corps.

I've chosen Corpsman Murph as our Executive Officer. He's been a steadfast member and at this point, with our size and position, I feel comfortable that he will be a key piece in our growth and greatness. I would love to hear some feedback on this decision, I can answer questions and explain my reasoning.

The Stronghold, or SH, is currently waiting on resources so we can build the Millabout, or farm. The plan for after that is to build the market. The thing is, some of these resources are from Shandahar, Dread Ring and Icewind Dale. So try to put some of those Azures in your enchantment slots (utility) and get up there! Also though, don't forget to have fun. Group up, talk in 4th Chat and just enjoy the game.

Also, on the forum there will be a thread up about putting forth names for the Stronghold and a motto for the Corps it'self! Go to to check it out for yourself.

Corps Night #1
Friday January 22nd we held our first ever Corps Night. It was a success not in that the plan for the night was followed, but because we as a Corps came together and knocked out a 15+ player encounter in the Stronghold successfully. It was pretty great to be a part of. I plan on having a Corps Night at least once a month, hopefully in the future having raffles for fun mouths and items.

4th Chat
I try to help each new Corpsman, so if this doesn't apply to you, apply it to the next new Corpsman you see. When a player is added to a guild, they are automatically given access to the Guild Chat channel. While this is all well and good, the true brilliance from Cryptic shines through when one adds our custom channel, "The 4th Corps". See, Cryptic uses the same chat server across all it's games. So if I'm in STO I can still talk to everyone in NW because I'm seeing and typing in that channel. Likewise, if you have toons in multiple guilds, you can converse through all the guilds because of a custom channel. All that said, join "The 4th Corps" and get in on the community!

Looking towards our future, as we grow, I'll be asking for volunteers for two crucial areas: leadership and artwork. Leadership is obviously more important, but the artwork side is as well. Making signatures for people, avatars and ranks, division and company logos, etc. So as you play and interact with each other, think about who YOU would like to see in these leadership types of roles.

I need to say thank you to you all, most of whom I met with a phrase: "Ever thought about joining a guild?" It's my standard line to break the ice with new people, as most of you know! Without you, there is no Corps. You make it a group and community. Without Corpsmen, it's just a guild I own that once had a bunch of people in it. Keep being awesome 4th.

Glory to the 4th! (my nomination for motto Very Happy )


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